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Meet and communicate with our in-house experts in person or over the phone prior appointment. Discuss what art to invest in and build your own art portfolio.
Do not know what art to invest in? Apparao Galleries understands the value of your money and offers expert advice on which artists to invests in. We provide you all the required information to enable you to make a more informed choice and build your art portfolio.
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Apparao Galleries has an index and library related to contemporary Indian art.

The data base in its physical form is available for scholars and researchers in Chennai.

Information and images are available for academic pursuits and research.

Historic catalogues, magazine write ups, artists statements and interviews with news papers reviews, previews and photography have been compiled artist wise.

A small but comprehensive digital archive is also available for buyers, collectors and connoisseurs.

Apparao galleries is looking for any writings on art that maybe given, donated and added to this priceless archive.

Given the parameters of the copyright laws, the documentation section envisages a digitization of this library in the future in order to share it with scholars, academicians, researchers, artists and art lovers

Our database of artists, books and films and writings is here in an excellent format.

his documentation allows us to share our infrastructure and document a private, corporate or institutional collection with professional handling.

Apparao Galleries also conduct guided tours which provide a rare opportunity to visit the personal homes of art collectors, artists, the atelier of a world renowned embroiderer, artist hubs, hence presenting a perfect mix of traditional and contemporary art and craft in Chennai.
Apparao Galleries in addition to monthly courses, various clubs and exhibitions, also organize monthly lectures on art and the philosophy that goes with it. These lectures conceived and put together mainly for art lovers, enthusiasts and artists; helps to hone, nurture and develop creativity. It is our belief that for an artist to grow, sustain their art and to reach greater heights there is always the need to look deep within and learn to manage and get inspired by the different influences that surrounds them.
We at Apparao Galleries also take orders to restore paintings. We in addition also undertake orders, as well as offer advice on framing and how choosing the right frame can enhance your art.
The right lighting and placing of an art work can make a dramatic difference in the way one views and appreciates art. Hence we also offer advice on how to light your art work - be it your home, or your professional space. Apparao Galleries also plays host to storage area and space for art collectors/companies who want and are looking for a secure spaces to store their art.
Are you a corporate organization that wants to educate and sensitize your employees to Indian art? We organize lectures on art appreciation and other art-related events from the best in the field.
Contact us for any of the above services.
Art Education
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